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New Birthing Centers Address Better Maternal Health and Disparities in Trenton

African American doctor's hand give ultrasound to pregnant African American woman.
New Birthing Centers Address Better Maternal Health and Disparities in Trenton

New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy has unveiled plans to establish two birthing centers in Trenton as part of a comprehensive effort to address infant and maternal health disparities. These centers aim to provide accessible and culturally sensitive care to expectant mothers, with a particular focus on underserved communities. The initiative, driven by alarming statistics revealing racial and socioeconomic disparities in maternal and infant health in New Jersey, seeks to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates while improving overall health outcomes.

In collaboration with community organizations such as Mt. Zion AME Community Development Corporation, the birthing centers will offer comprehensive services including prenatal care, education, and postpartum support. By prioritizing community-based care, the initiative aims to create a safe and supportive environment for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

The involvement of Mt. Zion AME Community Development Corporation and other community partners will help ensure that the birthing centers meet the unique needs of the Trenton community, promoting healthier outcomes for both mothers and babies and addressing the persistent healthcare disparities in the region.

Read the full article on the NJ Spotlight News website about the 2 birthing centers currently in the works for the Trenton community.

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