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Capital Health invest $10 million into Trenton community development

Colorful graphic of Trenton, NJ skyline with "Trenton Community Development" text written on the graphic
Capital Health invest $10 million into community development projects in Trenton, NJ

Capital Health has recently launched the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative, an ambitious project aimed at rejuvenating the local community. With a substantial investment of $10 million, the initiative aims to address various social determinants of health and enhance access to essential services, education, and affordable housing. The program also focuses on strengthening partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to ensure long-lasting positive changes in the Trenton neighborhood.

One of the key aspects of the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative is the collaboration and formation of deeper relationships and partnerships with community organization like the Greater Mt. Zion AME Church and Salvation and Social Justice.

Together, they will work hand in hand to implement impactful strategies that uplift the neighborhood. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, they aim to create a thriving environment that fosters the well-being of residents and promotes sustainable growth in the Trenton community.

Read more on the Trenton daily website about the projects and plans for the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative.


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